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Arizona tuffted rug Ornate Milk Churn - Vintage Bluebird Green Herringbone Throw - The Palm House

Inspired by the Mediterranean rugged coastline and sandy beaches the natural textures, organic shapes and recycled yarns.  Sunkissed shades of coconut, rattan and bamboo give your home a natural flavour.

Bring nature indoors with this vintage botanical shades of juniper, sage and olive. Unwind with recycled materials and leaf prints,

Go Global with these natural shades mixed with black  and spiced with vibrant yellow. Using recycled plastic bottles, organic and natural materials going Global can help the planet too.

Inspired by the humble cheeseplants exotic leaves, windswept palms interspersed with pale pinks, mustard yellow and blue.

Rich earthy tones of rust brown, apricot and sand inspired by the southwestern deserts from Nevarda to Arazona.  The geometric designs and rustic charms of these arried lands give warmth to your home.

This glam scandi in simple greys and white combined with blush pink and copper for a luxe yet serene look. Useing a variety of textures and accessories adds personality to this style

Take a woodland walk and surround yourself in nature inspired  collectibles. Natural textures, herringbone throws, and baskets. Embrace prints that reflect the outdoors in trees, plants, insects, and  birds.

Embrace raw materials and practical design in this no nonsense style. Combining natural wood, metal, brick and rustic with modern black accents and printing type, adding copper and brass to give it a more luxurious look.

Vintage French in white, light wood and grey florals. Timewarn elegance in a quintessentially french style.

Watercolour prints and pretty florals in powdery hues with iridescent touches, in champagne  gold and silvery greys.

Indulge in opulent shades of blue, purple, deep pink and teal with sumptuous textures highlighted in gold for an exotic look

Get coastal calm and inspired by native shores of tranquil blue and white, wood and waterside motifs, stripes and soft neutrals for a serene scheme.

Faux florals and dried flower arrangements to add that extra touch without the faff

From plant pots to garden funiture and garden inspired signs. The potting shed is for gardeners and those who enjoy being in the garden.

Inspired by beautiful flowers these vintage floral designs will add a touch of summer to any home.

Vintage baking is the theme for the bakery with delicious looking cakes and biscuits adourning this kitchenware.